Scrap cars often make your front yard or backyard unsightly to look at and disrupt the beauty of your landscaping, making it less enjoyable to have your cup of coffee in the sun before work. They take up valuable space that could be used for storage or other design plans you have always wanted to implement into your home. Scrap car removal Vancouver services take care of the removal of your junk car so you don’t have to.

Vehicles will break down and have to be discarded eventually. With the Earth already suffering from the mass use of vehicles, it’s important that their disposal is responsible and as eco-friendly as possible.

Reduced Waste

Even if the car is now deemed unusable and fixing it would probably cost more than it would to buy a new car, it doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled. Disposing of it incorrectly and letting it pile up in a place where it won’t be recycled wastes perfectly good steel which can be used in manufacturing steel beams, steel parts, and even more car parts for new vehicles. Vehicles also contain glass, rubber, plastic and other recyclable materials.

Reduced Need for Mining

By recycling your vehicle with a scrap car removal Vancouver service, you are reducing the need for mining. Mining metals for car parts and other items requires an incredible amount of energy and releases an unnecessary amount of carbon dioxide into the air, contributing to the pollution of our planet.

Reduction of Toxic Liquids

Cars hold within them many toxic fluids that need to be disposed of the correct way so they don’t pollute the planet and poison animals, soil, groundwater and water streams. A scrap car removal Vancouver service will deliver your vehicle to an authorized auto wrecker that will dispose of these fluids the right way.

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