As a driver, being involved in collisions or other unpleasant situations can be both scary, and stressful. Needing emergency assistance is the last thing anyone wants, whether you were involved in a car crash life-threatening or otherwise, ran out of gas and are now stranded on the side of the road, locked your keys inside your car or need a pinch out. Knowing how to react in an emergency situation can save your life and the lives of others, and get you help on the way in the fastest way possible.

Remain Calm 

You may be in a chaotic situation, feel confused or are just generally stressed be-cause now your entire day has been put to a halt. It’s important, however, to remain as calm as possible. This will facilitate Jim’s Towing getting to you faster, us understanding you better, and you answering our questions more clearly. When you are calm you think clearly and are able to think on your feet even in stressful situations

Emergency Towing Vancouver Checklist 

Make sure everyone involved is okay, and away from moving traffic. Turn off the engine and step away from the car if you are able to, with a safe distance from traffic. If there is leaking gas, being close to the car could be incredibly dangerous in the case of an explosion.
If you need an ambulance, call 911 and tell them the details of the accident and if someone needs emergency assistance from paramedics. Call Jim’s Towing for reliable emergency towing services that will get to you fast, 24/7.

Ensuring We Get to You Fast

Know the address of where you are located. If you don’t, know the street names, cross streets, nearest blocks or names of roads and highways you are on. Be aware of the direction you were travelling in – North, South, East, West? Let us know of any other important details so we can bring the equipment we need.

Are you worried about being stuck in an emergency situation with your vehicle? Save Jim’s Towing’s number in your phone for reliable towing services Vancouver. No matter what the issue, we are available 24/7.