“Experience Makes the Difference”

Our public roadside assistance Vancouver has your back when your car doesn’t. You lock your keys inside of your car or even lose them, you run out of gas at an inconvenient time and place during the most inconvenient of times, or your car simply won’t start. We offer roadside assistance that will provide you with the expert team and services you need. Our public roadside assistance services Vancouver caters to you no matter what the issue, to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted day.

At Jim’s Towing, we believe a good, trusted towing company requires a team of experts that always delivers top-quality roadside assistance services Vancouver for the public. Our team has years of experience in the automotive industry, and can accurately assess damages or issues during car breakdown – whether that means your car being unable to start or something as simple as a flat tire. Our experts have the experience to provide reliable roadside assistance with efficiency, skills and equipment you can trust, right there on the spot.

We service city streets in the following areas:

+ Vancouver
+ Burnaby
+ New Westminster
We are ready to assist you with corporate roadside assistance services Vancouver 24/7. Call 604-327-0274 or contact us to speak to one of our experienced operators should you have any questions, or would like to seek emergency assistance!

Our towing service covers mechanical failures in the car (not due to an accident). We will tow you to the closest service/repair shop.
An expert will be sent to the site to attempt to jumpstart the car if it will not start.
We will deliver gasoline to you should your car run out of it. This cost is covered in the purchase of roadside assistance.
An expert will be sent to you should you lose your keys or lock them inside of your car.


1268 Franklin St,
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1K5
(604) 216 6666

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