It’s incredibly frustrating to get locked out of your vehicle, which is in perfect working order. You feel helpless, whether you’re in a rush or have the whole day to spare. Maybe your keys broke inside the lock, your fob malfunctioned or the vehicle’s locking system malfunctioned, you lost your keys, or you simply shut the door before grabbing your keys out of the ignition or the passenger seat. Whatever the reason, calling for professional car lockout services Vancouver can save you both time, and money.

So, let’s take a look at how you can prevent experiencing a car lockout, or needing car lockout services Vancouver in the first place.

Create a Habit to Avoid Losing Your Keys

Whether you’re one of the most distracted people you know, or the most organized, losing car keys can happen to anyone, especially if you’re in a rush or having a particularly stressful day. To start off, it’s a good idea to adopt a habit when it comes to keeping your car keys safe, like having a special compartment in your purse or jacket. You should try to make it a personal rule to make sure your keys are in your hands before you exit the car – never exit empty-handed.

Have a Spare

Make several copies of your car keys. Give one to a relative or a friend, or keep a spare in a special place in your home. This will make getting locked out of your car less stressful, easier to solve, and also prevent getting locked out in the first place

Calling a Professional

If any of the above tips fail, you can always call a professional team like the one at Jim’s Towing, offering car lockout services Vancouver, as well as towing services Vancouver, should you run into other problems. We utilize the latest and highest quality car lockout tools and techniques, meant to be gentle on your car and get you back inside quickly, efficiently, and with zero damage to your vehicle.

If you are experiencing a lockout that you can’t solve yourself, get in touch with us. Our team would be happy to help you with our car lockout services Vancouver.