Everyone has experienced one of those days, where everything happens backwards. And just when you think it’s over, you get to your car and see your keys on the passenger’s seat and everything is locked. As humans, we are allowed to make mistakes and once in a while, it’s normal to have one of those days. The important thing here is to know what to do.

First of all, it’s important to note that currently, there are a lot of different technologies that are changing the locksmith profession and services, like:
●Manual lock cylinders (the basic ones)
●Automatic key
●Remote key
●Child safe key

All these options can vary, and it depends on your car type, style and model. If in any circumstance you are thinking of forcing the door and trying to fix it by yourself, we would rather you hire in car lockout Vancouver professional to avoid doing damage to your car.

Car Lockout Vancouver

When you are stuck in a car lockout Vancouver, the important thing to remember is to avoid forcing your car door open. First, keep your calm with some breathing. When we are calm, it’s much easier to make smarter, more level-headed decisions. Remember that being stressed will only make things worse. We know it is hard to not get frustrated but by being calm, you are more likely to call a professional rather than doing damage to your car attempting to pry it open yourself.

The second step is to make that call! Jim’s Towing can quickly and efficiently address this problem. After calling Jim’s Towing, one of our locksmith experts will arrive at your location with the tools and equipment they need, and gently, yet effectively, get you back into your car in no time.

Another good option for you to keep in mind is to have spare keys!. This can always be your safest, most budget-friendly and fastest choice. Of course, that next problem is where to keep your second key? As professionals, we recommend a place really easy to access where it won’t get moved on a daily basis like a specific pocket in your purse or jacket, in your wallet or a separate key chain.

Here at Jim’s towing we work with the latest technology that prevents damage to the vehicle. Jammed ignitions, broken keys or drivers stranded halfway to their journey are only a few of the scenarios we see on a regular basis. Regardless of your situation or the time of day, our 24-hour roadside assistance service and car lockout Vancouver experts will be happy to assist you.